Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bet you can't guess why!

I found a totally fun tool today: COLOURlovers (via Design*Sponge) and have been playing around with a couple of colour palettes.

The website has this neat feature where you can point it to a picture online, and it will give you a selection of colours from that picture, which you can use to create a colour palette; plus it also gives you tools to adjust the colours and suggestions of similar colours.

My first attempt was based on this picture (also via D*S):

red raspberry

but, well, it sucked. The blue was too bright & clashed with the pink, which was also too get the idea. It eventually morphed into this, which is better:

but I'm still not sure about the pink, and it was a struggle just getting it to this. I was having serious issues getting the red right, too.

Anyway, then I plugged in this gorgeous picture:
(UK Vogue July 2008, courtesy m.writes

and got this:

which took about 5 seconds to come together! I swapped out the green for this softer one, but otherwise I think all the colours are ones the website pulled out of the photo. I was surprised that it didn't pick up any of the blues from the girl's dress. The result is quite nice anyway, no?

Anyway, that was my exercise in procrastination for the day :)

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