Saturday, November 22, 2008

December Declutter

The lovely Emma over at My House Smells Like Vanilla posted a "10 things gone!" list/ challenge today, so in the unending quest to declutter my house (& indeed my life, I suppose), I've decided to take on the challenge.

Here's Em's list:
  1. ten pieces of clothing
  2. ten books
  3. ten craft supplies
  4. ten useless pieces of paper
  5. ten pieces of kitchen crap
  6. ten cosmetic/grooming supplies and
  7. ten things from your "study / basement / laundry / shed" or wherever things go to never be seen again
  8. ten pairs of shoes or socks
  9. ten toys
  10. ten things out of your bathroom
The challenge lasts a month; I will be starting on Monday and therefore ending on Christmas Eve.  I'll be posting my efforts, as will Em, and I'd encourage you to join us.


Emma Someone said...

Yay! But wow - just a month until Christmas?? That's way too close!

imogenesis said...

I know- scary, huh?