Thursday, July 15, 2010


So my friend Carolyn linked me to this post at Oh the Cuteness. Subtle, huh? ;)

The idea is called "Finish it!", and the point is to finish up those UFOs (unfinished objects) that most crafters seem to collect. I'll admit to having, um, quite a few UFOs sitting around and it would be good to clear some of that clutter. I'll also admit to saying I'll do things like this and never following through, but we'll see what happens!

My list of projects will be quite short, at least for now - most of my UFOs are halfway across the country (and in more than one place) so what I have with me in Broken Hill is actually pretty limited. I'll start with what I have and gather up some more along the way, depending how I go. I've always plenty of books to catch up on if I run out of knitting & spinning! listography list and photos will follow in a couple of days once I get back to the Hill. Feel free to kick me if I don't!

List of participants here
Flickr group here


ohthecuteness said...

Yay! I am glad you are joining - hope it helps you finish stuff now that people are watching, lol.

Carolyn said...

YAY! Although I think you can have special dispensation for items left in other states.

imogen said...

ohthecuteness - thanks for organising it :) hopefully it will be good motivation for me.

Haha thanks Lyn :) although it's looking like it'll all be back in Adelaide soon, so I may be running out of excuses! Does "all my stuff's packed in boxes and I have no idea where anything is" count??