Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lists and sets and tags, or - why I find flickr confusing

Mundi Mundi

My flickr photoset for Broken Hill can be found here* :)
I've just come back from two weeks in Menindee. I stopped by the Menindee lake lookout on my way back yesterday and it was actually quite cool to see the lake almost full - a comparatively rare event!

Further to my previous post, my project list for Finish It! is here

My first item is a pair of socks (Ravelry link) I started this week.
Chevron sock in progress

After a couple of early false starts and changing the stitch pattern twice, I'm really pleased with how this is going.

*at great pains, because I don't use flickr much and find it hard to organise my photos properly

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Carolyn said...

I like picasa better than flickr as I can use the download version to organise photos. It even has face recognition which works pretty well except it thinks all Asians are my cousin Chloe.